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Property Modification Approval Request Form

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)


  • Attach pages as necessary to fully explain your project and compliance with the Governing Documets of the HOA. Requirements include:
    • 1. A plot plan or survey showing the location and dimensions (including height/vertical) of all existing and proposed improvements. The drawing must indicate project location and its relationship to property lines, neighbors, construction, easements, etc.
    • 2. The structural design, exterior elevations, exterior materials, colors, textures and shapes of all improvements described.
    • 3. Existing and finished grades and lot drainage provisions shall be indicated.
    • 4. Please indicate the need to use/access common areas in completion of your project.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 16 MB.


      Homeowner certifies that all materials submitted to the ACC with this application for review are true and correct. Homeowner understands and agrees that no work may be performed prior to, or in deviation from, the terms of the ACC Request approved by the:
    • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    • Email, upload, or mail this request, along with all supporting documents, drawings, photographs, etc. to:
      Email: [email protected].   Mail: 1900 Country Club Drive. Ste 120; Mansfield, TX 76063
      Upload:   Help: [email protected]

      The Governing Documnets for the Association specifies that all improvements must be approved in writing by the Architectural Compliance Committee (ACC) before the improvement begins. The Governing Documents protect HOA property values by keeping the community a highly desirable place to live.
      The goal of the ACC is to ensure that all changes to your property conforms to the Governing Documents. ACC approval should not be construed to mean the ACC is responsible for defects in plans or specifications, any structural problems or defects in construction or material and/or workmanship. Nor does ACC approval imply compliance with any applicable laws, building codes, or governmental regulations. ACC approval does not imply compliance nor waive the homeowners obligation in areas for which they are responsible (e.g. Building Permits). Obtaining and building permit and/or meeting any or all requirements of a governmental and/or regulatory agencies does not constitute ACC approval.

      Allied HOA Management acts as a liaison between the ACC and homeowners. Allied is not the ACC and does not make ACC determinations. Allied HOA Managers cannot fill out the ACC request form, plat, materials list, etc., for the homeowner. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to obtain and complete these items.

      Please complete this form and submit it with your plans and specifications for the proposed improvement. Once Allied receives your completed application, it is immediately logged and forwarded to the ACC. In accordance with the DCC&R guidelines, the ACC is allowed up to (30) thirty days in which to make and notify you of its determination.